Schemes Launched by U.T. Administration

U.T. Administrator has framed Integrated Dairy Development Project (IDDP) Scheme for Dairy Development in Union Territory of Dadra and Nager Haveli.

Description of the proposal/scheme and its objects.


1. The Objectives of the project are as follows:

1. To provide round the year assured income through dairying to identified ST & BPL families.
2. To create avenues for self-employment.
3. Skill up – gradation of women and youth through training.
4. To improve the income level and over all socio-economic status of individual families and village people.
5. Creation of 45 Dairy cooperatives managed by ST & BPL beneficiaries. (Preference will be given to ST & BPL women)
6. Training of Animal husbandry practices through Heifer rearing & pregnant cow care Programmes.
7. All the willing ST&BPL families will be covered under Heifer rearing Programme.
8. Targeting poorest of poor.
9. At the end of the project each beneficiary will have at least 3 cows, if beneficiary adopts Dairying as a business and do not engage themselves in earning the money by selling the animals.

2. Integrated Dairy Development Project – Silvassa (U.T.) has the following components:

a) Organization of 45 New Village Dairy Cooperative Societies.
b) Induction of 3,000 cross bred animals to the ST & BPL families – this component will require subsidy from Budget allocated for the Integrated Dairy Development Project by the U.T of Dadra & Nagar Haveli Administration through Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services (U.T.) as per the normal pattern of the scheme.
c) Vaccination, artificial insemination Health care and Deworming services to the cattle;
d) Provision of 600 cans for milk collection and transportation.
e) Supply of balanced cattle feed to maintain the milk yield of animals.
f) Subabul Plantation for fodder production.
g) Training to ST & BPL beneficiaries to impart/upgrade their skills for long-term sustainability of the project.
h) Providing 45 processor based Auto Milk collection system (AMCS) to improve efficiency and transparency at village milk society.
i) Construction of 45 “Dudh Ghar” for storing cattle feed- major feed for Milk Production in this pocket.
j) Providing AI training to 12 persons.
k) To cover all 1,500 beneficiaries under heifer rearing, pregnant cow care and various training Programmes. If some beneficiaries are not interested to include their heifers in “Heifer Rearing Programme” then Vasudhara Dairy will include heifers of other ST & BPL families.
l) To provide training to the secretary and tester of 45 societies.

3. Project Approach:

Application in the prescribed Performa will be filled up by concerned Bank with help of officers from Vasudhara Dairy and Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services and submitted to Dena Bank for sanctioning and release of loan. Bank will also arrange credit camp for grant of loan to beneficiaries of Integrated Dairy Development Project of D. & N.H. at interior villages